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Since its inception, Friendship In Action’s program, “Kids Helping Kids Manage Stress,” has garnered much praise from principals, teachers, funders, and students. We are proud of the impact we’ve had so far and look forward to continuing our success in the years to come.

In response to COVID-19 FIA launched groups for Adults, supporting those that care for children ultimately supports the child.

We are very fortunate to have the stress support groups running at our school. After only two sessions, the students who are participating are buzzing with enthusiasm about the program. By coaching students to support each other in recognizing and dealing with stress, this program is providing our students with skills that they will use throughout their life.


Mike Anderson, Principal, Westwood School

I, as a teacher, have witnessed some of the participants truly come out of their shells with a newly-found self-confidence which gave them a strong presence. A couple of students were referred with some hesitance due to some previous negative interactions in the student-teacher dynamic. As the sessions progressed, I noticed these students’ overall attitudes change for the better—so much so that some of their classmates made some positive remarks. Furthermore, unique opportunities that were brought to certain students based on their abilities and needs were truly remarkable and appreciated. Words cannot express my gratitude for bringing your program to our school. Thank you!


Daniel Suzuki, Teacher, Lord Dufferin PS

We are pleased to be involved with Friendship in Action because of the quality of Gerry Mabin and the staff she has assembled. They have had years of experience in working with children, understand their social and emotional developmental needs in order to provide innovative and custom-designed programming. They work closely with each school in order to meet the needs of each class and track the impact of their work. They have a great program and it deserves to be supported. We are pleased to support their work and encourage others to do the same.


Sue Griggs, Griggs Family Foundation

I have lots of insecurities and I thought [Friendship in Action] might help. I liked how everyone was so nice. I’ve never opened up like that before to anyone. Not even friends or family.

I really liked how we all really let loose and let our walls down and helped each other.


I think I am more open and I can talk more about my feelings. I see myself reaching out to help others because I now know that I’m not alone. —First name,

In the group we could feel safe and not judged. We made the rules ourselves so we could agree on them as a group.

I am more prepared to face whatever will be thrown at me: Come at me, world!

Thank you for letting me get what happened a few years ago off my chest. This group helped me say things about my past I never would have said before.

It wasn’t what I expected because I thought that I would be shy and I thought that no one would listen and I thought no one would be open! 


I won’t be so sad as much and I won’t feel like the world is crushing me so I can take time to think of others’ perspectives, not only mine.




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